Sunday, September 18, 2016

Candidiasis Hair Loss Link


Sometimes the losing of hair is caused by a little fungus called candiasis or candida. If you have mercury fillings or have even a tiny amount of metal toxins in your body, you may have this fungus.

So do a heavy metal detox as soon as possible and you will see improvements to your hair loss rather quickly. Don't ask me why but the hair loss can stop VERY quickly if it is candida-based.

Mercury and heavy metals also interfere with the THYROID, which is interesting.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Aerobic Metabolism For Hair Regrowth

Do you know how to increase your metabolism? What if you were to find out that sluggish metabolism is one of the causes of hair loss?

How can slow aerobic metabolism cause hair loss? Because the body isn't rebuilding itself at the rate it once your roof falls in. Your tiles fall off...You know what I mean.

Hmmm. So you're saying if I boost my metabolism with some sort of metabolism booster pills I'll lose less hair?  Yes. Speed up your metabolic rate and you'll lose less hair. It's trying to regrow RIGHT NOW but the rate at which you burn food and regenerate isn't fast enough.

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Got any proof? Well, when I used Fat Loss Factor my hair loss decreased...and then it stopped. Which surprised the heck outta me! (Thankyou, Doctor!).

And why do you think Apple Cider Vinegar is recommended by everyone as one of the best things for hair loss? It's because it replaces lost stomach acid. Not enough stomach acid causes all sorts of problems. From tinnitus to fibromyalgia to diabetes and so on. The body can't burn the excess toxins in side you so it lets them become part of us over time. We become seriously out of balance.

Notice how you started losing hair at the SAME TIME you gained a bit of excess weight?

Aerobic metabolism. That's the key to most things. Get that metabolic rate up like it used to be when we were kids.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

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